I was blessed to facilitate a Coloring Event with a “Ladies and Lattes” group at a local congregation.

TCBC coloring 2

We started off with a “Color Peace” coloring page by Joanne Fink. You can order the book from Amazon. I like the portable size. Many of the same illustrations are found in the full size version “Expressions of Faith”.


I chose this page because it has white space so we could write our blessings around the illustration before taking time to pray individually – thanking God for those blessings.


The second page was from Joanne’s book “Flowers of Faith”. For this one we went around the room, introducing ourselves by name, each offering a prayer request. During this Christ Care sharing time, we made notes on our coloring page of the shared requests. Participants were asked to take time that evening, or at home later, to color in the image while taking the prayer requests before God.


Next we turned our attention to a way to pray for an individual using a note card, with the intention of sharing the finished card with that person as a message of encouragement.  I also shared Sybil Macbeth’s book “Praying in Color” as an additional resource.


There are also boxed sets of note-sized cards you can color and use as prayer cards or as witness tools. One example is “Colorful Blessings”.

If you enjoy coloring – try coloring with a purpose!



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