I like to “bullet journal” or as Pat Maier would hashtag it #tinyscripturedoodle my daily devotions. Lots of times I use a calendar template by Sue Carroll. Check out her amazing blog at https://1arthouse.wordpress.com/ for lots of wonderful resources and encouragement.

During Lent I used two different templates, and then for the season of Easter (that period of time between Easter Sunday and Pentecost) I decided to … wait for it … make my own!

I don’t have tech drawing skills or computer programs so I started with a blank piece of paper and placed the empty tomb in the middle. Then I counted the days between the two Sundays of Easter and Pentecost (48), as PENTEcost is the 50th day after Easter, and began to draw random shapes in a spiral pattern.

Easter 2 Pente with pencil

I chose random shapes because they are less stressful – no need to keep them the same size! I  have been known to trace around bottle or jar caps if I want something more uniform. (OLD SCHOOL, I know!)

I ended with the word “Pentecost” and drew some lines ending with little flames.

When I realized I could fit everything onto the page I went over it in a black pen, making little adjustments as I went along.

Easter 2 Pente with pen

And then with my trusty eraser I cleaned up the page. For my personal use I drew in little “connectors” and also added some words to the stone of the tomb. As you can see, it’s a work in progress.

Here is the pdf of the template if you’d like to use it – but I’d encourage you to go “old school” and try your own. It’s easier than you think. Click on the link below for mine.

Easter Sunday to Pentecost


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